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S. Terry Lewis

Golf 4 Family

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Introducing the Fosbury Flop of Golf,

The “TL Pendulum Putting System” Launches on Kickstarter


Corona, New York.  April 2, 2018 -  S. Terry Lewis, Professional Golf Instructor and founder of Golf 4 Family is also an instructor/coach with the New York City Parks Foundation’s Golf Division and has developed a “new” method of putting that is the absolute ”game changer” that will benefit golfers of all ages.

PGA's Shot Tracker reveals that tour players on average make: 99% of putts from 3 feet and in, 69% from 6 feet, 54% from 8 feet and 31% of putts between 10 and 15 feet.  “Never until now has there been a putting method that could boast 85 to 95% accuracy with straight putts between 8 and 10 feet.  This is a major Fosbury Flop type development” said Lewis. 

Because he found the standard techniques, the scissor, the eastern roll cut off, the straddle and the western roll too difficult, famous High Jumper, Dick Fosbury, invented his own method for clearing the high bar which for the past 50 years has been the method of choice by 98% of athletes in High Jump events around the world. Lewis went on to say, “Fosbury re-invented High Jump”.  The excitement at Golf4Family now comes from the anticipation of the TL PENDULUM PUTTING SYSTEM radically changing the approach to putting as the Fosbury Flop did to High Jump.

Several golfers young and old, male and female have been introduced to the new method with greatly satisfying results. Lewis beamed when saying, “We are now ready to share this new and highly accurate putting technique with the world”. 

Golf 4 Family is an innovation company that offers professional golf instruction and also creates a variety of products that are designed to improve the quality of life of family members of all ages.

To learn more about the company, this new innovation, and your chance to be a part of this project visit:



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